About Brick City Live Tickets

The New Ticketing Platform For Newark Events

Set up events, sell tickets, and keep a portion of service fees for yourself.

How it works

Create a profile    Register
Register for Brick City Live Tickets, then create a profile page for your organization complete with a profile photo, cover photo and organization description. You have the option to make your organization’s profile public or private.

Create an event
Add key event information including its date, time, and location. Enhance your event page with additional information, including a compelling title, description and image.

Create tickets
You can sell tickets, or create an event with free RSVPs. Create several ticket tiers for a single event, and assign start and end dates for availability, plus the total number of tickets available at each tier. You can also customize the image that will appear on the mobile and print versions of your tickets.

Manage attendees
Login to your account to see your full attendee list—and which ticket tier each attendee purchased from, if applicable. On event day, check attendees off from a list or check them in by scanning a QR code on an Android device . (You must be logged in to your BCL Tickets account on the device. We recommend using Quickmark QR scanner)

Get paid
Proceeds from ticket sales are paid out every Monday and Thursday via Paypal. In addition to receiving the full face value of your ticket price, you’ll receive 50% of the ticket handling fees. (The ticket handling fees are 2.5% plus .99 per ticket). Note: per our terms and conditions, ticket sellers are responsible for managing and processing refunds. There is an additional fee of 2.9% plus .30 per transaction for Paypal credit card processing. This fee goes directly to Paypal. No portion of this fee goes to either the organizer or BCL Tickets.